Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012

The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012 is a 3D online application which was deveoped for visitors of the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

Each gallery is marked at its real-life location on a map of Berlin. Having entered this virtual world as an avatar, visitors will be able to:

• locate all the galleries you wish to visit

• visit the virtual show room of each gallery and view the art works

• share information and your impressions with friends and other visitors

• contact the gallery owner to state your interest in buying specific pieces

• participate in an event even when you are unable to attend in person

The Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin beta did not aim merely to be a visualization of an art event, but to facilitate a shared experience, to explore possible artistic interactions in a virtual 3D environment, and to exchange ideas and information about art. Additionally we are interested in the interface between the physical and virtual world of the Gallery Weekend throughout the event.

Detailed project description (672 kb)

visit the scene
*If it’s your first visit in our applications, download and install the Meshmoon client, before visiting.

Download Meshmoon

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