Immaterial abc 2011 “about painting”

It’s a virtual Art fair application based on the ABC “about painting” event.

Memorization: ABC “about painting” is a temporal exposition, including specific architecture and curator guidance to select the artist and to design the exhibition’s spatial setting and presentation. This creative act is the specificity of ABC, and will disappear after the 5 days of exhibition. Immaterial abc 2011 is the online three dimensional memory of this artistic an social event.

Share experiences: immaterial abc 2011 don’t propose a simple and impersonal virtual visit, but a shared experience. Visitors have an identity and can see and communicate with each each-other through an avatar. They are free to explore the exhibition together, can speak to exchange information, sensation and emotions.

Friday 14-09-2012, during a conference at “abc 2012”, Marc Glöde curator 2011 “about painting” revisits the exhibition in a virtual guided tour with a group of visitors online.

Detailed project description (672 kb)

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*If it’s your first visit in our applications, download and install the Meshmoon client, before visiting.

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